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How they met:

Shelley, Jennifer's friend from FSU, invited Jennifer to dinner one night. She explained that she and her coworker, Kerry, wanted Jennifer to meet Kerry's fiance's roommate, Jason. Shelley told Jennifer that Jason would not be told the purpose of the dinner. Of course, Kerry's fiance, Charles, ended up telling Jason to come to dinner because 'a girl will be there'. The five met up at Ray's in Buckhead for dinner and later danced at Swingers. When Shelley and Jennifer left that night, Shelley told her that Jason was going to call her to invite her to a concert the next week. He did call and invite her to a Tracy Chapman concert at the Tabernacle with Charles and Kerry. And after that date, Jennifer and Jason continued to invite each other to events. Eventually, they were officially dating.

The Engagement:

On the evening of the 13th of February, I picked up Jennifer from her office in a limousine. We drove to her apartment where she changed for the evening. When she came out, I asked if she had a necklace she could put on. She turned around to put her coat down, and when she turned back around I was on my knee. I asked her to marry me. After several minutes of shock and surprise she finally said YES. We then jumped into the limousine for a champagne ride around Atlanta. When the limousine driver stopped and the door opened, she heard the doorman say, 'Welcome to the Ritz Carlton.' We made our way to the dinning room where we had a seven-course meal of the chef's specialties and accompanying wines selected by the wine steward. The dessert chef made an apple pastry and wrote 'Congratulations' in chocolate on the plate. What a wonderful night!!!

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